“The throne game” draws people away from pornography

The HBO-produced "Throne Game" is currently one of the most popular television productions in the world, with millions of viewers on all continents. He is also one of the few series that can pull people off of pornography and this is a remarkable achievement.

"Throne Game" is a true phenomenon of recent years, which has increasingly impacted the lives of many people. Fans can not only spend hours discussing the fate of the main characters, searching the web for information about them, but also giving their children their names.

The production of the American HBO station pulls people away from pornography, affecting the traffic generated on adult content sites. As reported by the media, the Sunday premiere of the first episode of the latest season of the series, caused as much as 4 percent. Traffic drop on one of the most popular porn sites, PornHub.

4 percent at first glance may seem like a minor result, but it must be borne in mind that PornHub is a very popular site, so even a small percentage of this is millions.

According to US user traffic analysis, an hour before its release, it began to fall and rose to normal levels four hours later. At the same time, as many as 370 percent of web search engines have also increased the number of searchable videos and images of major characters.

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