The Chinese will help break the speed record on land

The team responsible for the Bloodhound car built to hit the speed record will be able to complete its design. This will help the latest Chinese sponsor to finance this challenge. Record hit will take place next year.

The team responsible for the construction of the Bloodhound car for land speed recordings repeatedly diverted the project due to technical problems and the ending funds. Now the money is no longer a problem, because the Chinese joined the game.

The team has acquired a new sponsor, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. It's the Chinese conglomerate that owns Volvo, The London Taxi Company, and its own Geely brand. It is not known exactly how much money has affected the project account, but its representatives ensure that it was the largest amount in its entire history. Under the 3-year agreement, the Chinese will not only fund the speed record but will also provide technical support.

They will be building a 13.5-liter Bloodhound vehicle powered by the Rolls-Royce EJ2000 jet engine derived from the RAF Eurofighter Typhoon. The drive is further supported by a set of Nammo hybrid rockets and a Jaguar V8 engine that drives a rocket oxidizer pump. In total, the entire power unit generates 13,500 hp.

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