The Chinese built graphene robots

Nano robots are structures that will find many uses in the future, so they are now being designed and improved by building more advanced models. The Chinese engineers from Donghua University, who built the graphene micro-robot, also got involved.

Shanghai specialists have developed a unique method of controlling the graphene sheets, which, thanks to an external controller, can behave like a robot. The material was made of graphene oxide, carbon sheets and hydrogen based compounds, and oxygen.

The upper layer of graphene oxide absorbs water. When exposed to heat or light, water is then released and the material bends in the desired direction.

Hongzhi Wang, one of the members of the team responsible for the new material, explains that the absorption and release of water is very fast, so the material can move extremely nimble. By virtue of the strength of the graphene, it is able to lift the mass up to five times its own weight. Technology can therefore be used wherever lifting and moving heavy objects is required.

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