The number of malware grows

Dell has published an annual report focusing on the dangers facing the user on the global network. Its conclusion is frightening as it shows that since 2013, the number of existing malware attacking our computer systems has tripled and now is over 64 million.

The average computer user does not even realize how many threats he or she has on the network, so it's important to use the original software, regularly update and get antivirus programs, and avoid suspicious websites.

Contrary to appearances, this is not an overstated precaution, as the annual Dell Security Report, prepared by Dell, has tripled the number of malware since 2013. Experts say that in 2015 more than 64 million unique samples of malware were registered, an increase of 73% since 2014 (37 million), and three times as many as the 2013 results.

The company occasionally reported that the so- IPS (Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems) blocked 2.17 trillion attacks and 8.19 billion malware attacks. The latter is twice as much as last year, when it was only 4.2 billion.

Dell is not the only company to notice an increase in hacker threats. Last month Panda Security reported the discovery of 84 million new malware, and in 2015, a total of 304 million samples were collected, representing 27.63% of all malware families ever discovered.