Vimeo rivals Hulu and netflix?

Famous video platform Vimeo wants to expand its activities. The media have reported the creation of their own streaming site. The company wants to make it a serious rival for such platforms as Hulu or Netflix.

Netflix's growing profits show that one of the most profitable businesses today is streaming platforms, providing users with easy pay-TV access. There are already several such platforms on the market, and besides Netflix, we have Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and a few others.

Maybe soon will be another one, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Vimeo is going to enter this market and is working on creating their own site of this type. This is the result of a letter from platform director Joey Levin, who confirms such plans and ensures that his company's offer will be very competitive compared to rivals. Vimeo does not have to incur huge costs for the production of materials and will not start from zero. So maybe you can prepare a better deal, which in addition will be cheaper.