Elon Musk wants to integrate people with machines

Billionaire and visionary Elon Musk believes that mankind must integrate with artificial intelligence. In his opinion, only in this way will we continue to be useful and will be able to survive.

Elon Musk, head of Tesla, and SpaceX, have repeatedly presented unusual concepts, such as, for example, the firing of Mars on the surface of Mars, which would make it easier to create an atmosphere and adapt the planet to human life. During the Dubai World Conference, he presented an even more daring concept for the future of mankind.

Many scientists express concerns about artificial intelligence, which one day will become much smarter than humans. So maybe we think we are superfluous to her and decide to exterminate us. In the topic of the SI, the American billionaire Elon Musk, who spoke this week at the World Government Summit, is also often quoted as saying very interesting theories.

In his opinion, a man should learn how to connect with machines in the future, in order to cope with the problems of increasingly developed artificial intelligence. SI can be very useful in many areas but at the same time it raises a lot of fears. Musk believes that the only hope for a man to survive is to find a way to connect with artificial intelligence, in that way he will be able to control it.

Musk does not explain directly how a man could join a machine, but believes that in the near future we should get closer to the biological combination and artificial intelligence. For now, the greatest obstacle to achieving this goal is the interface of the right speed, which would allow the transmission of enormous amounts of information during such a connection.