Safe bicycle brakes

Italian startup Pinarello has developed a new brake system for bicycles. The product called BluBrake uses a similar technology as ABS that is installed in cars and motorcycles and prevents wheel locking.

Every cyclist knows that using the brakes on a bike requires a great deal of sensitivity, especially when traveling at higher speeds. It is enough to press them too hard and we will lock the wheels and slip, which can end up a very serious accident.

The Italian company Pinarello has, however, created a new braking system designed for two-wheelers who do not have such an accident. The product named BluBrake has a very similar function as the ABS system installed in cars and motorcycles.

BluBrake is integrated with the bike frame and equipped with an accelerometer and gyroscope, as well as sensors that measure the speed of rotation of the wheel. Data from these sensors then flows to the central intelligence unit, the haptic actuators, and the battery supplying the entire system.

Before you set off, the system should be manually set up, setting the driving style and determining whether the road is wet or dry. Once all the settings have been made, SI will continuously analyze data from all sensors. If it determines that the wheels may lock, the buzzer will be heard in the brake lever.

Unlike ABS-equipped systems, BluBrake will not physically protect against wheel lock, but only warns the cyclist of such an eventuality to respond quickly enough.…

Compact PC enclosure

Anidees introduces the latest model of the AI-7m PC enclosure. Compact design, designed for m-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards and features a modern design that will surely appeal to people looking after their computers.

AI-7m designers have created a casing that not only provides maximum cooling efficiency, but also offers a wide range of configurations in the interior. The product and dimensions of 380 x 288 x 380 mm and a mass of 6.35 kg are made from high quality steel and are equipped with large glass panels placed on the front and side walls. Of course there is also a variant available without windows.

The emphasis here is on cooling the components. Manufacturers have designed two thermally separated chambers for the motherboard, processor, graphics card and drive and power supply, providing significantly better airflow and more efficient cooling.

This is done by a total of eight fans controlled by the speed control module of each of them, although we also have the option of installing a liquid cooling system. The upper part provides space for installing a 240 mm heat sink, two 240 mm front, and the rear side of a single 140 mm or 120 mm radiator.…

The Chinese built graphene robots

Nano robots are structures that will find many uses in the future, so they are now being designed and improved by building more advanced models. The Chinese engineers from Donghua University, who built the graphene micro-robot, also got involved.

Shanghai specialists have developed a unique method of controlling the graphene sheets, which, thanks to an external controller, can behave like a robot. The material was made of graphene oxide, carbon sheets and hydrogen based compounds, and oxygen.

The upper layer of graphene oxide absorbs water. When exposed to heat or light, water is then released and the material bends in the desired direction.

Hongzhi Wang, one of the members of the team responsible for the new material, explains that the absorption and release of water is very fast, so the material can move extremely nimble. By virtue of the strength of the graphene, it is able to lift the mass up to five times its own weight. Technology can therefore be used wherever lifting and moving heavy objects is required.…

Autonomous urban vehicle

Rinspeed has introduced the latest urban vehicle design. The project called Oasis is a two-seater electric vehicle designed to travel short distances. Its official premiere will take place in January next year, at the CES.

Rinspeed is a car manufacturer that has managed to build a brand that is good enough to produce vehicles that can not only move on the road, but also swim. Now the company has unveiled its latest project called Oasis, which will be officially launched during next year's CES in Las Vegas.

Oasis is a two-seater autonomous vehicle, equipped with an electric drive. The body of this vehicle is characterized by a large amount of glazed surface, as the door is also made of this material, which will certainly provide excellent visibility.

The interior of the car is designed to provide passengers with the comfort of a family living room with comfortable armchairs, a TV and a multifunction steering wheel. The windshield was in turn equipped with a display designed to present content in virtual reality technology and expanded.

Oasis has been designed for great flexibility. It can therefore be used as a passenger vehicle. It will also ideally serve as a car for pizza or other caterers because it comes with drawers that can be chilled or heated. Interesting is also a small flower garden placed under the windshield. On the other hand, the torsion axles that allow turning almost in place make it very easy for the vehicle to maneuver.…

The number of malware grows

Dell has published an annual report focusing on the dangers facing the user on the global network. Its conclusion is frightening as it shows that since 2013, the number of existing malware attacking our computer systems has tripled and now is over 64 million.

The average computer user does not even realize how many threats he or she has on the network, so it's important to use the original software, regularly update and get antivirus programs, and avoid suspicious websites.

Contrary to appearances, this is not an overstated precaution, as the annual Dell Security Report, prepared by Dell, has tripled the number of malware since 2013. Experts say that in 2015 more than 64 million unique samples of malware were registered, an increase of 73% since 2014 (37 million), and three times as many as the 2013 results.

The company occasionally reported that the so- IPS (Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems) blocked 2.17 trillion attacks and 8.19 billion malware attacks. The latter is twice as much as last year, when it was only 4.2 billion.

Dell is not the only company to notice an increase in hacker threats. Last month Panda Security reported the discovery of 84 million new malware, and in 2015, a total of 304 million samples were collected, representing 27.63% of all malware families ever discovered.…

The Japanese lost contact with the new satellite

The Japanese space agency JAXA, in February of this year, has set up a new scientific satellite Hitomi in orbit. Unfortunately, the device is likely to experience some serious failure, as no contact has been established for a few days.

A few months ago, the Japanese placed a new satellite called Hitomi, which for three consecutive years had to conduct research, searching for traces of radiation, and providing scientists with valuable data on the origins of the universe. The plan may, however, burn on the shelf because a few days ago the contact with the satellite stopped and it can not be recovered. This may mean that $ 270 million spent on this mission will be thrown into the mud.

The astronomers realized that there was something wrong with the satellite when a few days ago did not go to a routine communication check. After checking, it turned out that there are five fragments of space in the satellite position.

The agency believes that the satellite could have been damaged, or at least damaged, perhaps by orbiting cosmic trash, and that the components were part of its equipment. The more optimistic version confirms for the time being only a brief signal JAXA has removed from Hitomi's communications.

For now the fate of the device remains unknown.…

The great discovery of NASA is the great success of PR

NASA has announced the discovery of a sister solar system with seven planets, out of which three can live! It's just around the corner, just 40 light-years from us. Scientists working on this project are shocked and with them the whole world!

I support everything related to space exploration. I think this is a fascinating and useful science plot, because every new discovery teaches us something new. But to understand the meaning of these studies, I do not need the media noise around them. And certainly no need for the hysteria that was done with TRAPPIST-1. Serious people began to fill the network with the words "chance for humanity", "new hope", "breakthrough discovery" ... Seriously?

So many planets, which we probably never recommend

NASA won yesterday's internet, but as the dust began to fall, it's worth considering the scale of this discovery. Here are other Earth-like planets that can be added to the list launched in 2014. What so much noise? This is a very good question, because we are most likely not going to TRAPPIST-1.

For those 50-100 years, even if technically possible, our cosmic observing capabilities will also be x times better. This means that we have a good chance of discovering some interesting planets by then, and those that are even closer. Especially since TRAPPIST-1 is not the perfect place to buy a new home. By that time, perhaps, it will be possible to go from Mars to another planet and it will be better to invest in the "Red Planet".

Scientists are slowly coming out of shock, and animators are making a check for beautiful visuals

Why in this case do the same scientists who feed us with the boundless space cosmic phrases and the high probability of not only the second, but also the third and the hundredth of Earth, are now shocked by their discovery? Sadly, the sad truth is that without a proper cover, no one would pick up the subject, and the TRAPPIST-1 layout would appear at the most in scientific journals. Meanwhile, NASA must somehow justify the public that it is worth billing into the agency billions of dollars. Between the lines you read, "Look, we've discovered planets on which life may be, but more will know how we will put in a new telescope in 2018 - will you help?". Now it is enough to sustain the state of euphoria, giving more information and everyone will help by not questioning the sense of existence of the agency.

PR department of NASA has performed remarkably. Excitement …

“The throne game” draws people away from pornography

The HBO-produced "Throne Game" is currently one of the most popular television productions in the world, with millions of viewers on all continents. He is also one of the few series that can pull people off of pornography and this is a remarkable achievement.

"Throne Game" is a true phenomenon of recent years, which has increasingly impacted the lives of many people. Fans can not only spend hours discussing the fate of the main characters, searching the web for information about them, but also giving their children their names.

The production of the American HBO station pulls people away from pornography, affecting the traffic generated on adult content sites. As reported by the media, the Sunday premiere of the first episode of the latest season of the series, caused as much as 4 percent. Traffic drop on one of the most popular porn sites, PornHub.

4 percent at first glance may seem like a minor result, but it must be borne in mind that PornHub is a very popular site, so even a small percentage of this is millions.

According to US user traffic analysis, an hour before its release, it began to fall and rose to normal levels four hours later. At the same time, as many as 370 percent of web search engines have also increased the number of searchable videos and images of major characters.…

Elon Musk wants to integrate people with machines

Billionaire and visionary Elon Musk believes that mankind must integrate with artificial intelligence. In his opinion, only in this way will we continue to be useful and will be able to survive.

Elon Musk, head of Tesla, and SpaceX, have repeatedly presented unusual concepts, such as, for example, the firing of Mars on the surface of Mars, which would make it easier to create an atmosphere and adapt the planet to human life. During the Dubai World Conference, he presented an even more daring concept for the future of mankind.

Many scientists express concerns about artificial intelligence, which one day will become much smarter than humans. So maybe we think we are superfluous to her and decide to exterminate us. In the topic of the SI, the American billionaire Elon Musk, who spoke this week at the World Government Summit, is also often quoted as saying very interesting theories.

In his opinion, a man should learn how to connect with machines in the future, in order to cope with the problems of increasingly developed artificial intelligence. SI can be very useful in many areas but at the same time it raises a lot of fears. Musk believes that the only hope for a man to survive is to find a way to connect with artificial intelligence, in that way he will be able to control it.

Musk does not explain directly how a man could join a machine, but believes that in the near future we should get closer to the biological combination and artificial intelligence. For now, the greatest obstacle to achieving this goal is the interface of the right speed, which would allow the transmission of enormous amounts of information during such a connection.…