Smart cane for seniors

French starter Nov'in has presented an intelligent cane for the elderly. This tool will not only make it easier for them to move, but will also alert rescuers if the person falls over.

With age, the physical fitness of our body decreases, making movement more and more problematic.

It is also possible that you can not walk without a cane, with which we must constantly support. And even then we can not completely eliminate the risk of falling.

In old age, collapse can be very dangerous for health and even life, because the bones are then more fragile and end up with serious fractures that grow very long afterwards. If a person does not get help in time, it may end badly for her. The French company Nov'in has developed a modern staff that can help in such situations.

The product called Smartcane will not prevent it from falling, but when it does, it can help. The staff is equipped with sensors that are connected directly to the built-in GSM communication system. So if a person falls or needs help then the staff will immediately notify the emergency services.

In addition, it is equipped with a special algorithm using artificial intelligence, which can prevent such a fall, detecting it before it will occur. The system is able to continuously analyze the gait pattern and detect a decrease in activity that may end up falling.

Smartcane will be on sale by the end of this year.

Germany will invest 2 billion euros in electric cars

The German auto industry after the Volkswagen affair is now experiencing a serious crisis that could hit the industry. In order to obliterate the bad impression, the government is going to put on electric vehicle production and plans to invest more than 2 billion euros in this sector in the near future.

It can not be denied that Volkswagen's fraudulent emissions tests, which the company has known for 10 years, have had a serious impact both on the company itself and on the German automotive industry. The gigantic penalties that the company has to pay for in the US market and the tainted image in the long run will undoubtedly have a negative effect on the sale of VW cars on the mask.

The company's problems also have a huge impact on Germany's economy, so the government has decided that it will be a bailout for electric vehicles. Germany wants to drive at least one million cars by 2020, so they plan to invest € 2 billion in this market segment.

Finance Minister Sigmar Gabriel revealed that the auto industry would be paid in several different ways. The first will be government grants, which may include people planning to purchase an electric vehicle. It is not known exactly what the amount will be, but probably about the same as what other countries offer, so around 3-4 thousand euros.

Part of the quota will also be invested in the construction of new battery charging stations so that the driver has no problems with replenishing the battery power of his vehicle. Probably also will be supported by the industry itself, which will receive money for work on the improvement of electric car technology.

Continuum will go to the next smartphones with Windows 10 Mobile

Initially, the Continuum feature was reserved only for the flagship models of Microsoft smartphones, namely the Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL. The manufacturer, however, decided that limiting it to only two devices was a bad idea, so he announced he would support not only his own flagship models, but also other devices on the platform, including those from other companies.

Continuum is one of Microsoft's new innovations for the Windows 10 Mobile platform, which significantly expands the functionality of smartphones with this system, turning them into standard PCs. This option allows you to connect your mobile device to a large screen, and then connect the keyboard and mouse to the device, thus acquiring the functionality of a standard PC.

Initially, the Redmond company had reserved Continuum for its flagship smartphones, namely the Lumia 950 and 950XL, but it was considered not a good idea and it was decided to expand the number of devices supported by that option. Microsoft representatives have confirmed that Continuum will support various smartphone models, including those from other companies like Acer's Jade Primo.

Vimeo rivals Hulu and netflix?

Famous video platform Vimeo wants to expand its activities. The media have reported the creation of their own streaming site. The company wants to make it a serious rival for such platforms as Hulu or Netflix.

Netflix's growing profits show that one of the most profitable businesses today is streaming platforms, providing users with easy pay-TV access. There are already several such platforms on the market, and besides Netflix, we have Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and a few others.

Maybe soon will be another one, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Vimeo is going to enter this market and is working on creating their own site of this type. This is the result of a letter from platform director Joey Levin, who confirms such plans and ensures that his company's offer will be very competitive compared to rivals. Vimeo does not have to incur huge costs for the production of materials and will not start from zero. So maybe you can prepare a better deal, which in addition will be cheaper.

You will never lose your car keys

You sometimes have to put your car keys somewhere, and then turn your whole apartment into their search. If the answer to this question is yes, then you will be pleased with the latest idea of ​​Tesla Motors, whose engineers have developed a brand new key to the Model S, equipped with a localization system.

The car keys, for many years, looked and functioned in the same way, and this changed only BMW, which in the model of the Series 7 introduced a completely new key with cellular and touch screen, allowing the remote control functions of the car.

Tesla Motors also believes that the ordinary key is already a survivor and designed a whole new model for the Model S. The new key not only looks very nice, looking like a miniature car model, but also very functional. It is equipped with the Bluetooth LE module, which communicates with the smartphone and the data transfer function.

The key works with the Tesla app for smartphones with iOS and Android platforms, so it's easy to locate if you're stuck somewhere at home. All you have to do is launch the application and the special system will show us exactly where it is located in seconds.

Facebook will ease the parting

For many people, Facebook is the perfect tool to share with the world important moments in your life, including relationships. Worse, when such a relationship is over, but the largest social networking site in the world has the solution to this problem in the form of completely new tools.

Facebook has just launched a preliminary testing of new tools to help users manage contact with an existing partner once their relationship has ended. When there is a change of status in this area, the user is given the opportunity to take advantage of a new solution that should make life easier.

It does not need to block your former partner or throw it away from your friends list, but you will never see his profile photo much less often. The posts of the former partner will also not appear in the news, and his name will not be placed in the suggested, when we want to write a new message or tag a picture of a friend. The number of photos, videos, and status updates that our former partner will see are also limited.

EAPS ARDEC is a new droning platform

The American army was one of the first to deploy drones that perform reconnaissance missions and carry out offensive missions by eliminating their targets. Now the army has shown a completely new platform designed specifically to combat enemy unmanned combat.

Drones are a very useful tool in any kind of conflict. These machines are fast, agile and hard to break. In the meantime, they can carry different types of weapons themselves, so they are a great threat against which it is difficult to defend themselves. Engineers at the Picatinny Arsenal Laboratories in New Jersey have, however, developed a new combat platform designed to combat these small machines, which has successfully completed its first test.

A working system called EAPS ARDEC was developed under the Technology Objective's Enhanced Area Protection and Survivability (EAPS) program at Army Research, Development and Engineering Center. The combat platform works in a slightly different way than similar systems such as Phalanx or X-RAM, which mount the exploding bullets, or HEL-MD, using a laser beam.

The new system is based on a 50mm Bushmaster rifle mounted at the top of a Heavy Vehicle Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT). The battery launches short bursts of 10 unpowered steel missiles in a tantalum and tungsten alloy shell that easily tear drones, mortar shells and rockets. Each such missile can be passively controlled using signals sent from the radar onboard the vehicle. Active control could not be found here, as it was to minimize the amount of electronics in such a missile and thus reduce the cost of their production.

Growing body parts closer and closer

Teams of scientists at Chalmers University of Technology and Sahlgrenska University have taken another step closer to cultivating replacement organs. They succeeded in breeding mice on human cartilage cells.

It happens that as a result of an accident, illness or age, our organs refuse to obey and must be replaced. The man is so constructed that he can use spare parts from other people. Unfortunately donors of organs are not enough to meet all needs, so scientists have been working on body parts techniques for years.

Such a concept has many advantages, as the culture could take place using the recipient's own cells, which would allow the creation of a biologically compatible organ, thus avoiding the risk of transplant rejection and the need for medication. In addition, you can create an organ at the moment you need it.

A team of scientists from Chalmers University of Technology and Sahlgrenska Academy took another step towards achieving this vision. Using a CELLINK 3D biological printer, a hydrogel was created from human cartilage cells, which was then implanted with a 6-week mouse. After 60 days on her body began to grow human cartilage.

Safe bicycle brakes

Italian startup Pinarello has developed a new brake system for bicycles. The product called BluBrake uses a similar technology as ABS that is installed in cars and motorcycles and prevents wheel locking.

Every cyclist knows that using the brakes on a bike requires a great deal of sensitivity, especially when traveling at higher speeds. It is enough to press them too hard and we will lock the wheels and slip, which can end up a very serious accident.

The Italian company Pinarello has, however, created a new braking system designed for two-wheelers who do not have such an accident. The product named BluBrake has a very similar function as the ABS system installed in cars and motorcycles.

BluBrake is integrated with the bike frame and equipped with an accelerometer and gyroscope, as well as sensors that measure the speed of rotation of the wheel. Data from these sensors then flows to the central intelligence unit, the haptic actuators, and the battery supplying the entire system.

Before you set off, the system should be manually set up, setting the driving style and determining whether the road is wet or dry. Once all the settings have been made, SI will continuously analyze data from all sensors. If it determines that the wheels may lock, the buzzer will be heard in the brake lever.

Unlike ABS-equipped systems, BluBrake will not physically protect against wheel lock, but only warns the cyclist of such an eventuality to respond quickly enough.

Compact PC enclosure

Anidees introduces the latest model of the AI-7m PC enclosure. Compact design, designed for m-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards and features a modern design that will surely appeal to people looking after their computers.

AI-7m designers have created a casing that not only provides maximum cooling efficiency, but also offers a wide range of configurations in the interior. The product and dimensions of 380 x 288 x 380 mm and a mass of 6.35 kg are made from high quality steel and are equipped with large glass panels placed on the front and side walls. Of course there is also a variant available without windows.

The emphasis here is on cooling the components. Manufacturers have designed two thermally separated chambers for the motherboard, processor, graphics card and drive and power supply, providing significantly better airflow and more efficient cooling.

This is done by a total of eight fans controlled by the speed control module of each of them, although we also have the option of installing a liquid cooling system. The upper part provides space for installing a 240 mm heat sink, two 240 mm front, and the rear side of a single 140 mm or 120 mm radiator.